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A bar or bat mitzvah is an important coming-of-age celebration for Jewish young adults.

Thoughts of a bar mitzvah usually conjure images of grandiose parties with elaborate decorations, hundreds in attendance, and an equally impressive bill. However, a new movement has arisen to strip back to the basics in the form of destination bar and bat mitzvahs. According to Tablet, these special bar mitzvahs have three main perks:


Alternative Beach Bat and Bat Mitzvah Experiences 


Choosing a destination bar/bat mitzvah is a wonderful way for nontraditional individuals to still receive the full, religious experience. At Canalside Inn, we foster an environment where everyone can be seen and appreciated. Destination bat mitzvahs decrease pressure on interfaith families or those who are unaffiliated with a synagogue as well as adults who were not able to celebrate becoming bat or bar mitzvah as a 12 or 13 year-old. Additionally, individuals who are shy or have special needs may thrive best in a smaller, more intimate setting with only those closest to them and your family.


The Economical Bar and Bat Mitzvah Choice


A major reward to destination bar mitzvahs is that they can be significantly cheaper than traditional festivities. When your bar mitzvah is local, there is more pressure to invite the whole synagogue. Going to a special destination allows families to come together and further develop the religious heart of the ceremony. Canalside Inn offers both an indoor and outdoor event space as well as the tables and chairs needed to make your guests comfortable. Our inclusive deals lessen your burden of reaching out to multiple vendors who will often charge a higher rate.

Individuality Is What Makes Your Bar and Bat Mitzvah Special


Finally, a bar mitzvah is about celebrating your relationship with God so why not do so in a way that reflects an individual’s unique personality? For example, beach bar mitzvahs allow for a truly breathtaking experience. The individual receives a beautiful ceremony from an expert traveling Rabbi against the backdrop of a beautiful natural wonder with the companion of their family. Beach weddings require (but certainly don’t prohibit) less decorations and provide a blank beach canvas that can be made to be more mature or youthful depending on personal preferences. 


Planning a Destination Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the Beach?


 Planning a destination bat mitzvah is like planning a home version. The West Events has a great list that includes planning a theme and decorations, contacting vendors, and creating a schedule of activities. How destination events differ, however, is the emphasis on the need for accommodation not just for you, but also for your guests. Canalside Inn offers 13 rooms that can be booked in a unit and allow your family to get closer together.

The only requirement for becoming a bar or bat mitzvah is that an individual be of age. How you and your child choose to celebrate this momentous achievement should reflect the individual’s personality and their personal relationship with God. 

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