Rehoboth Beach Retreats

Canalside Inn Beach Retreats are Well-Being immersion experiences for individuals, couples, or companies. We create 5-day 4-night inclusive retreats for you to explore your mind, engage your body, and reconnect with yourself. Immersion allows you to go beyond knowing, to feeling and inducing a state of well-being. Soak in the sun on the beach and walk in nature. Our immersion experiences motivates you to explore new destinations within ourselves more deeply.

The year 2021 is for you to restore and rejuvenate your soul and reclaim your spirit of adventure. Get away to explore the world again. Relax in our magnificent rooms and suites. Immerse yourself in guided self care. Remove all limitations and restrictions. Transform into your best self.

Take a “well-being sabbatical” at the beach without taking too long away from work and life. Our immersive retreat experiences focus your mind and body on permanent change in a way that is sustainable, holistic, and achievable.

Watch the RETREATS VIDEO below to Pick A Retreat to improve the quality of your life.

The immersive setting of Beach Retreat, provides a supportive community of guests and team leaders, in a positive environment for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Enjoy the health benefits of retreats. Cleanse and clarify your body with wholesome foods, beach yoga, exercise, and nature hikes. Improve your mental health with meditation and mindfulness.  Engage in fun personal development workshops.  Get an in-room massage.

Canalside Inn invites you to enjoy first class beach accommodations, inclusive meals, and complimentary well-being activities each day. Upgrade to the 1:1 experience at any time.

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