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Throughout the year, Delaware hosts many celebrations that showcase the state’s local traditions, history, and vibrant communities. Located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic region, this charming beachside state beckons travelers with its scenic landscapes, warm hospitality, and vibrant communities. From cherished local traditions to captivating art displays, live music performances, and delectable culinary delights, Delaware’s best festivals embody the spirit of the First State in every season.


The heart of Delaware’s festival scene spans from the gorgeous coastal town of Rehoboth Beach to the idyllic city of Wilmington. Whether you seek a memorable family-friendly weekend getaway by the coast or an immersive experience steeped in local flavor, there is a festival for everyone visiting Delaware. So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and get ready to experience Delaware’s best festivals.

Sea Witch Festival

October 27-29, 2023


The Sea Witch Halloween and Fiddlers Festival is an eagerly anticipated annual celebration in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Renowned as one of Delaware’s best festivals, it charms attendees with its family-friendly ambiance, all-day events, delicious food offerings, and, perhaps most notably, the unwavering commitment of festivalgoers to don fun costumes throughout the weekend’s festivities.

Engage in the festival’s lively costume parade, where both dogs and people are warmly welcomed, or kick off the evening by accompanying your children on a delightful treasure hunt before embarking on a night of trick-or-treating. This family-friendly festival offers a delightful way to revel in the Halloween spirit while creating cherished memories.

Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival

October 12-15, 2023


As one of Delaware’s premier fall festivals, the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival takes center stage as an annual four-day extravaganza that brings together the crème de la crème of smooth jazz and R&B artists from across the globe. From celebrated legends to emerging talents, this festival embodies the essence of music and camaraderie. Whether you’re a dedicated jazz aficionado or a casual listener, the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival guarantees an immersive musical experience, amplified by the enchanting backdrop of sunsets and ocean breezes that define the captivating charm of Rehoboth Beach. Making it one of Delaware’s best festivals.

Greyhounds Reach the Beach

October 5-8, 2023


Greyhounds Reach the Beach is a charitable event run entirely by volunteers, dedicated to celebrating greyhounds, raising awareness about the need for foster and adoptive homes, and generating funds for medical expenses and fostering when retired racing greyhounds transition from the track. Each year, this highly anticipated event draws more than 500 greyhound adopters and their beloved companions from across the United States and even abroad to the picturesque Delaware beaches. The impact of this event on local businesses is substantial, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the economy. 

The People’s Festival

September 23, 2023


For nearly three decades, The People’s Festival: A Tribute to Bob Marley has united a diverse community of musicians, artists, and thousands of devoted Bob Marley fans in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Year after year, this world-class event has flourished with the unwavering support of countless volunteers, embodying the essence of Marley’s music and its core values of love, unity, and justice.


Prepare to be inspired as you immerse yourself in soul-stirring melodies, enjoy international cuisine from a variety of food carts, and explore arts and crafts from around the globe. As a family-friendly festival, this day-long celebration of community and reggae creates unforgettable memories for all. So, gather your loved ones, embark on a memorable road trip, and remember to bring your lawn chairs or blankets!

SoDel Festival

September 16, 2023


The Southern Delaware Wine, Food, and Music Festival (SoDel) is a delightful celebration that highlights the finest of Delaware’s vibrant food scene. Renowned for its exceptional culinary experiences and world-class wine tastings, this annual event is an absolute must-attend for foodies and wine connoisseurs alike.


As one of Delaware’s best festivals, attendees will be treated to an unforgettable evening nestled in the breathtaking Nassau Valley vineyards. Surrounded by the lively air of music, delicious cuisine, and merriment, guests will have the pleasure of mingling with acclaimed chefs and esteemed winemakers. With its popularity, this festival sells out quickly, so be sure to plan ahead and secure your tickets well in advance for this remarkable experience.

Camp Rehoboth Women’s Fest

April 27-30, 2023


A spring tradition that attracts thousands of visitors from across the country, Camp Rehoboth Women’s Fest is regarded as one of Delaware’s best festivals. This event unites women for a weekend filled with entertainment, incredible food, enlightening speakers, and the opportunity to forge lasting friendships. Presented by the local nonprofit organization, Camp Rehoboth, the weekend culminates with a live auction that contributes to the support of the organization’s numerous community services, programs, and activities. During the day, attendees can get competitive playing cornhole, pickle ball or several other activities, while the evenings come alive with lively music for dancing.

Fall in Delaware is undeniably festival season, making it the perfect time for our guests to plan an unforgettable weekend getaway centered around one of Delaware’s best festivals. With an array of options available, from family-friendly gatherings to art celebrations, there’s a festival in Delaware that caters to every taste and interest.


While you immerse yourself in the festivities, allow Canalside Inn to be your oasis where you can unwind between the exciting events.

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