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K9 Wall of Fame

Dr. Bryan Deptula
Dr. Bryan Deptula

Welcome to the K-9 Wall of Fame at Canalside Inn

We have received so many great photos of dogs who love Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Canalside Inn.  Some have stayed with us many many times and others didn’t get the chance yet.  We look forward to the day our doors open back up and we can greet all our guests!


Jack our GoldenDoodle, loves walking along the Canal across the street with all the smells of Nature.  It is great when another friendly dog is staying at the Inn for him to play with.  Now he will have Sky to play with everyday!  See you in July (hopefully).  Doug Pollock

My first pug Dottie and myself pictured on the front porch of Canalside Inn, during our first stay in spring of 2010.  We’ve returned many times, and although Dottie is no longer with us, several more pugs have joined our household and have enjoyed staying at Canalside Inn as well.  We look forward to returning each and every year! – Sincerely, Kimberly Mann

Sofie, the French bull dog, hanging at Rehoboth beach while enjoying her stay at the Canalside Inn. – Maryanne Harkins


Our Pomeranian:  Pudgy – Relaxing at RBD is the BEST!  – Crissie Kaczkowski

Tucker taken a few years ago along DE Bay – The Hoelbinger

Sonny and Juniper on Rehoboth Beach! -From Mike and Sarah Lehman

This was Winston’s first time on a beach,  He had a wonderful time. -From Patricia Kudla  And Bill Griffiths

The sheperd is Chloe and the frenchie is Penelope. Here are some pics from our most recent stay. Look forward to our yearly summer trip in a few months – Mike DeMaria


Dog’s Name: Scout

Best Thing at Canalside Inn:This is the most dog welcoming facility we have found on the Delaware coast. The staff is more than accommodating and at the Canalside Inn cleanliness is #1 priority.

Looking forward to: Running on the beach with my Mom and Dad, catching discs and sitting on the porch at The Canalside Inn

See you all soon! -Steve Smith

This is Tootsie. She is an 8 year old Shih-chon, a mix between a shih-tzu and a bichon.  She is sweet, love able and loves going to the beach with us.  We especially enjoy the canalside inn!  It’s cozy, clean, quiet and the best part for us is once we park there we can walk to everything and don’t have to get in our car again!  We can’t wait to return to enjoy our stay and yummy breakfast in the morning!  Thanks for considering us for the drawing!

On the bay with Hattie and Cali – Susan Vanderhoff

My husband and I love it.. our 2 standard poodles, Adam Levine (4 years) & Levi (2 years) We tell all of our dog friends about the marvelous gem in the heart of Rehoboth !  Karen Levine

Our dearly departed Wonji (Australian shepherd) loved his stays at the Canalside where he could romp on the sandy beaches, chase the shore birds and waves, and stay with his pack in lovely rooms. The Canalside was one of the few places where he felt like a true guest and equal with his human companions. After all, as our dear Wonji would often testify with licks and puppy dog eyes, our canine companions should be recognized the wonderful members of our families as they are! He also liked the biscuits and other tasty perks.


Creek always enjoys the hospitality at the Canalside Inn. He enjoys his walks along the canal and all the pets that he gets at the local pet friendly restaurants! We look forward to staying with you guys in the future! -Kelly and Creek

Quincy and Winnie love the ocean! However, they have never been on a Delaware beach… we had plans to stay with you this weekend, but unfortunately, the virus forced us to postpone the trip.  From the rocky coast of Maine to the smooth beach of Rehoboth, Happy Easter! We cannot wait to play in the sand! -Quincy, Winnie, Emma-Rose, Laurina, and Richard Gross


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