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Amp Up Your Corporate Events at Canalside Inn

As a destination, Rehoboth is the perfect location for business meetings and business retreats; offering an unrivaled mix of opportunities for attendees to work and play. Rehoboth offers maximum inspirational impact through its scenic Canalside views, beaches, activities, and natural surroundings.

Canalside Inn is the optimal place to host your business meeting and business retreat.  With  800 square feet of conference space, wireless technology, Smart Board interactive collaboration electronic white board, and space for break-out sessions, Canalside Inn gives you the workspace to focus on your business goals!

Escape office distractions by bringing your team for a business retreat or a business meeting. Business meetings and business retreats differ from each other in important ways; and we explain those differences in our blog. Canalside Inn has customized a unique meet and retreat experience that are customized to your specific organization’s objectives.

Leadership wants to know that the return on investment from the event makes the expense (time and/or money) worth it. Canalside Inn, in collaboration with BKD Leaders, delivers ROI by offering meet and retreat solutions for your company that focus on the outcomes that you can measure.

When planning meetings and retreats, we work with you to coordinate logistics, create an agenda, evaluate content and topics, and offer the amenities your executives and teams deserve; or simply let you use our space on your own. BKD Leaders, our in-house Rehoboth-based training and leadership development, strategic planning, and consulting, company facilitates meetings and retreats, and offers world class speakers for your event. Professional development includes leader development workshops, team building and bonding, strategic forums, and activities to engage employees. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, motivated, and focused on growing your company.

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