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Learn About BKD Leaders, Canalside Inn Owner Bryan Deptula’s Leadership Training Company

BKD Leaders, founded by Canalside Inn owners Dr. Bryan Deptula and Kristen Deptula, is the industry leader in the training of Millennials for leadership roles, and in maximizing the effectiveness of experienced managers and executives.

BKD Leaders transforms the Canalside Inn into a leadership development center for workshops, corporate strategy sessions, CEO and peer-advisory meeting, and hosts corporate training initiatives. Using Canalside Inn’s private venue for an exhilarating interactive corporate event, BKD Leaders hosts corporate guests for half-day workshops, consulting, and multi-day retreats.

BKD Leaders does all the work for Executive, Managers, and Human Resource professionals who are strapped for time. We know that coordinating training at the office is a hassle, and employees learn less when they get distracted inside the office.

Let BKD Leaders do all the logistics for your entire corporate strategy, continuing education, and leadership development event. We’ll coordinate overnight room accommodations (for up to 25 guests), meals, training materials and agenda, learning goals, and have Dr. Bryan Deptula deliver training that will deliver an ROI that pays for the entire package.

We have 800 square feet of conference and event space right onsite, and coordinate with other spaces in the area as needed for larger groups.

Visit the BKD Leaders website to learn more about the company.

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