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Learn About BKD Leaders, Canalside Inn Owner Bryan Deptula’s Leadership Training Company

BKD Leaders, is founded by Canalside Inn owners Dr. Bryan Deptula and Kristen Deptula.

BKD Leaders is made up of an amazing group of people who actually care about making better leaders. We practice what we preach, and always deliver incredible professional development experiences.

We train, develop, coach, mentor, consult, and give keynotes with any person who cares enough to invest in their own – and their employees’ – leader development journey. BKD Leaders offers high impact and dynamic keynotes and workshops



Leaders Maximized prepares aspiring leaders for extraordinary performance in future leadership roles, and to build positive intergenerational relationships.


Leading Millennials builds a foundational understanding of universal principles about leading an intergenerational workforce.



Learn the BKD model for taking command, leading across generations, creating a culture of leadership, and building a unique leader brand specific to your organization.



Be a Mentor. Change a life. Mission Mentors is a sustainable, total development solution that includes customizable training. Participants learn to build and maintain effective long-term mentoring and coaching partnerships that improve performance.



Prepares aspiring leaders for extraordinary performance in future leadership roles. Learn to maximize effectiveness by adapting your leadership style to best fit the activity, objective, and context.



Be memorable! Be recognizable! Be iconic! Learn 10 simple steps to create your unique and valuable leadership brand leadership brand.



Ever wonder why some leaders are successful no matter where they go? Learn how to practice UNIVERSAL LEADERSHIP, a set of globally desirable and consistently impactful leadership behaviors.



“The only thing that is constant is change!”  Know this…change is coming whether you and your organization want to change. Be prepared to leader transformation change so that you keep your competitive edge, constantly innovate, and disrupt industry competitors!



Conflict is an inevitable fact of life. Great companies know that conflict can create breakthrough innovations; so they train employees how to use conflict in productive and healthy ways. Learn to accept and welcome conflict, and to embrace the strategic approach to de-escalating and finding YES-able solutions that build strong relationships.



Great! You just got promoted. All of a sudden, you’re a supervisor. Sudden Supervisor is a unique program designed to meet the specific challenges and developmental needs of managers beginning their experiences with leading teams.


BKD Leaders is the industry leader in the training and developing of employees for leadership roles, and in maximizing the effectiveness of experienced managers and executives. BKD Leaders are scholars and leadership experts dedicated to driving organization-wide performance through training and developing leaders.

We created our BKD Leader Model (Being. Knowing. Doing.) based on cutting edge research using the three pillars of effective leader development: Being a leader. Knowing how to lead. Doing the right things for the right reasons. We make leaders who make better leaders of everyone around them, transforming every person into their best leader self.

BKD Leaders believes everyone has the potential lead. Our proprietary Being. Knowing. Doing. model shapes the way individuals see themselves as leaders, and increases their belief in their ability to lead, and empowers them with tools that maximize individual, follower, and organizational performance. BKD leader development programs strengthen leaders’ critical thinking, creative thinking, and strategic thinking ability, raising the quality of their decision making.

Why do we do it? Because studies show that leader development and training programs generate ROI that exceeds 200% The payback for developing leaders is huge. Why? Because a rising tide lifts all ships. People who learn to lead make everyone around them perform better. We are committed to making the world a better place by making better leader. Join the BKD Leaders movement to pull out the leader from within everyone – all ages, ethnicities, cultures at every level of every organization

BKD Leaders transforms the Canalside Inn into a leadership development center for workshops, corporate strategy sessions, CEO and peer-advisory meeting, and hosts corporate training initiatives. Using Canalside Inn’s private venue for an exhilarating interactive corporate event, BKD Leaders hosts corporate guests for half-day workshops, consulting, and multi-day retreats.

BKD Leaders does all the work for Executive, Managers, and Human Resource professionals who are strapped for time. We know that coordinating training at the office is a hassle, and employees learn less when they get distracted inside the office.

Let BKD Leaders do all the logistics for your entire corporate strategy, continuing education, and leadership development event. We’ll coordinate overnight room accommodations (for up to 25 guests), meals, training materials and agenda, learning goals, and have Dr. Bryan Deptula deliver training that will deliver an ROI that pays for the entire package.

We have 800 square feet of conference and event space right onsite, and coordinate with other spaces in the area as needed for larger groups.

Visit the BKD Leaders website to learn more about the company.

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