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See Steps Canalside Inn Takes to Provide a #SafeStay


The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to be a global pandemic.  The health and well-being of our guests, team members and all who visit Canalside Inn is are highest priority.  We are aware of the confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state of Delaware and our monitoring the situation closely. For Delaware specific updates please visit:

 For information on the CoVid-19 please visit the World Health Organization (WHO)and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Anyone displaying symptoms should seek immediate medical care and refrain from travel. Anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 is asked to self-quarantine at home for 14 days. This protocol will be in place for any future cases that may arise.

Existing Reservations. All reservations that are scheduled for arrival before June 1, 2020 can be changed without a change fee. We are unable to offer refunds or reimbursements. Guest who change stay dates must pay the difference in price between existing dates to desired dates. All reservations that are scheduled for arrival after June 1, 2020 will be allowed to change their date only 2 weeks prior to arrival.

All NEW reservations made after March 12, 2020 are subjected to no refunds and no changes. We ask our customers to follow government recommendations during social distancing.

Checked-inn? No changes, refunds or credits made for guests who have already checked-inn.

We encourage guests with questions regarding upcoming reservations to contact


Rates – #SafeStay Flex Rate:

During these unprecedented times, we want to take the worry out of booking your much needed and long overdue vacation. Canalside Inn is proud to introduce our stress-free Covid FlexRate.

Canalside Inn offers guests the CoVid FlexRate as a convenient way to book your dates. A $100 deposit (nonrefundable & Reusable) is required to book. Full payment is due prior to check-in. FlexRate offers the flexibility to change your reservation dates if you are unable to travel for any reason related to CoVid. Changes to a confirmed reservation must be submitted 7 days prior to check in. Cancellations subject to forfeiture of deposit. No refund for early check out.

Rates – Best Available & Specials Rates & Packages:

100% Prepayment required. Nonrefundable, no changes, no refund for cancellation. *Pet Fees are not on this rate.  Please choose Pet Rate when reserving a pet.  If you choose this rate and bring a pet $40 per night will be added to your reservation for your pet. *Family Reunion Rates, Wedding Rates, Group Rates, are included in the non refundable category.


Rates – Pet Friendly:

100% Prepayment required. Nonrefundable, no changes, no refund for cancellation. *Pet Fees ARE included in this rate.  Please choose Pet Rate when reserving a pet.  Please choose this rate only if you will bring a pert. 

Extended Check-out fee:

Hotel reserves the right to apply an extended check-out fee for each hour extended beyond 11 a.m. Guests must contact Canalside Inn management to request extended check-out.

Extra Person Fee:

Canalside Inn room prices are based upon occupancy assigned to your room type. Max occupancy is 2 additional person per room. Additional fee may apply, per person, per night. All additional guest must register with reception prior to check-in.

Animal & Pet Fee:

A animal/pet fee applies to all pet stays, charged per night; maximum 2 animals per room. A damage deposit is required per animal. All animals/pets must be confirmed prior to arrival, and animal/pets must stay in designated pet friendly rooms. Dogs who can escape need to be in a crate when leaving their dog.  All guests who bring a pet for their stay must read and agree to additional pet policies below.

Canalside Inn follows the guidelines for service animals, as set forth in the ADA. Click here for more information. Under the ADA laws, a business may not charge any extra fees for a service animal that the business would not charge to any other client with a pet. Our pet fee for all animals/pets is $40. This also means you and your dog will be allowed in the public areas of the hotel, as well as having the right to a floor and room that are not normally designated for people traveling with animal/pets. 


All persons 18 and under must be accompanied by parent or guardian. All guests between 18 and 21 years of age must be accompanied by a person of 21 years of age or older.


Complimentary parking space for one car per room is provided year round. Guests may not utilize more than one parking space on-site. Additional street parking is available, subject to City of Rehoboth Beach parking enforcement.City of Rehoboth Parking meters are in effect from: The Friday immediately preceding Memorial Day through the second Sunday following Labor Day, from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. Meter rates are $3 an hour.

Canalside Inn offers daily parking passes for the City of Rehoboth, during parking meter season. Parking passes can be purchased at time of booking, or from front desk during your stay.  If pass is lost or stole a replacement fee of $250 will be charged to guests. 

Cleaning Fees:

Cleaning Fees are assessed only in the event of stains, damages, or other than normal usage

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The Canalside Inn loves to host dogs as furry friend guests. Canalside Inn does not accept pets of any other type. We know that you want to enjoy a carefree Canalside Inn experience, and don’t want to leave your pet at home. So, just bring your potty-trained, socialized, non-yappy, loved one along for the trip. Aggressive animals are not welcome to stay at Canalside Inn. Animal/Pet fee is $40 per night.

Enjoy taking your pet for a beautiful waterfront walk along the Canalside, or take them to dog friendly Rehoboth Beach and boardwalk and Dewey Beach to play in the sand. Take note that Rehoboth beach prohibits animals on the beach and boardwalk during summer months, while Dewey Beach allows permitted dogs on the beach before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. Check local ordinances for specific restrictions, which may change annually.

All guests being accompanied by their pet must stay in designated pet-friendly rooms, agree to the pet-terms and conditions, and pay the pet-fee along with associated security deposit.  Canalside Inn reserves the right to refuse accommodation to any pet at any time prior to or during guest’s stay. Guests may be asked to leave with no refund. Here are some things Canalside Inn needs you to agree to when bringing your furry friend as a guest.

  • Guest must provide names, addresses and telephone contacts of persons responsible for pet during their stay. Contact information must also be displayed and affixed on the cage or kennel, written legibly and durably, and on pet’s travel identification tag.
  • It is the guest’s (pet owner’s) responsibility to keep their pet quiet and respect other guests. If the pet is excitable, or prone to excessive noise making and/or causing property damage, your pet may be required to leave the premises.

We ask that you are present to care for your pet a minimum of every 4 hours.

If a guest’s pet is barking to the disruption of other guests, or causing property damage that is audible, we will call the owners to return to care for your pet. Pet owners must take appropriate action to calm their pet.  If the guests (pet owners) do not return after being notified, or fail to respond to attempts to be contacted by hotel staff, Canalside Inn will attempt to calm and quiet your pet. Canalside Inn will apply a pet-sitting fee of $40 an hour for every portion of an hour that Canalside Inn staff must be present with your pet.  Unfortunately, we do sometimes have to charge extra cleaning fees starting at $50.  We do always call and to chat when we will charge a fee.

Persistent ‘noise and damage’ violations will cause guests to kennel their pet off site. We acknowledge that some guests may elect to simply join their pet in alternative accommodations; and that our nonrefundable policy applies.

  • Pets with separation anxiety cannot be left alone.
  • Please use the outside shower to remove mud, salt water and sand after you play outside.
  • Canalside Inn may have special offers to provide pet-sitting and pet-walking services for a fee. Guests may pre-purchase pet-sitting and pet-walking services in advance of their stay. Canalside Inn does not guarantee that pet-sitting and pet-walking services will be available ‘on-demand’, and may not be available during your stay unless pre-purchased. If guests do find themselves in need of pet-sitting and pet-walking services after they have arrived, simply give us a call or come to the reception desk to see if and how we can offer a solution.
  • Bath, wash, and or groom your pet within a week of arrival. Have your pet’s nails trimmed before the trip to prevent scratches and property damage to the Canalside Inn.
  • Administer Flea and Tick repellent solutions prior to arrival.
  • There may be other animals at the hotel during your stay. Have fun and allow your dog to mingle with others, only if it is properly socialized. No fighting; keep your animal away from others if it does not socialize well with other animals.
  • Guests must provide and use their own travel crates. It becomes the pet’s “home-away-from-home,” and you can safely leave the pet in it in your room. Ample cross ventilation and a leak proof bottom with an absorbent layer are a must.  To make your pet feel ‘at home’, consider placing its blanket or a favorite toy in the carrier. A large crate may be available for use.
  • All animals must be leased, caged, or crated when in common areas of the hotel.
  • Never let your dog loose in a strange place. Always attach the leash before opening the room door and detach it after the pet is back inside and the door closed. Do not give an excited pet a chance to bolt and become lost it may be gone forever in spite of identification tags.
  • Keep your pet in its cage while you are away from the room, as loose pets may escape when the maid opens the door to clean the room, disturb others, chew on furniture, have an “accident,”. Notify the management if you must leave the pet alone in your room. Expect to pay for any damage it might do.Guests are responsible for using their own materials to clean soiled areas. Using of Canalside Inn linens and towels for clean-up purposes is strictly prohibited and will result in a replenishing charge for each item used in clean-up efforts.
  • Keep strangers, especially children, at a distance if your pet seems to be nervous.
  • Do not permit your pet to do things to antagonize other guests.
  • Clean up after your pet. We understand that mistakes happen, and your pet may urinate, defecate, and cause property damage. Please do not attempt to ‘hide’ the mess, clean it with hotel linens and towels, or do patch work. Straightaway, let the hotel management know what has happened, and we’ll work together to minimize property damage and maintain healthy clean rooms for the remainder of your stay and the future stays of other guests.If guest’s furry friend soils or damages the Canalside Inn, guests lose the privilege of leaving their pets unsupervised at any time. All damages that exceed the amount of deposit will be charged prior to closing the bill, based on repair estimates.
  • Attach pet’s leash firmly to outside of container.


The documents pertaining to your pet’s health are important. You may be asked to show them at any time. Guest should carry shot records that could be available, upon request. Veterinarians typically require shot records if there is a pet emergency.  Any or all of the following may be required:

Health Certificate: Interstate health certificates must accompany dogs entering nearly all states.. In some cases, advance receipt of the health certificate by the destination state’s regulatory agency is a prerequisite to entry of the pet.

The health certificate must include a complete description of the pet, list all inoculations it has had, and state that it is free from infectious diseases.

Rabies Tag: All but four states require dogs to have rabies inoculation. Delaware and local laws usually stipulate that the rabies tag be securely attached to the pet’s collar.


In addition to permanent identity and rabies tags, both dogs  should be provided with special travel identification tags. Attach pet’s travel identification and rabies tags firmly to its collar. The tag should include the pet’s name, your name and destination address, and the name and address of an alternate person to contact in case you cannot be located.

Please pack a travel kit for your pet, including the suggested items below:

  • Supply of pet’s regular food
  • Can opener if necessary
  • Pet’s food and water dishes
  • Blanket
  • Favorite toy or two
  • A few treats
  • Comb and/or brush
  • A mop-up towel, paper towels or a few newspapers
  • Flea and tick repellent
  • A sedative prescribed by your veterinarian
  • Scooper and plastic bags to clean up after your pet


  • Travel identification and rabies tags attached to pet’s collar?
  • Necessary health documents and pet’s veterinary record on hand?
  • Pet’s travel kit packed?
  • Water container filled for pet?
  • Stake and long leash in the car? Scooper?
  • Sedative or tranquilizer administered to pet?
  • Cage or carrier


We recommend locating a competent veterinarian in the local area, prior to your stay. Or, choose one affiliated with the American Animal Hospital Association. There are AAHA hospitals throughout the country; members are required to have especially good training and facilities. When you have chosen one, give the veterinarian office your pet’s veterinary record, or have a new one completed. Having this information on hand will save time and confusion should your pet require emergency or other treatment.

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