Retreat Leaders Bios

Dr. Bryan J. Deptula is an MBA, PhD and entrepreneur. Bryan coaches people to lead, be better, and live into their best selves. He delivers high impact, interactive, and engaging workshops that guide people towards self-discover, self-leadership, and fulfilled lives. His goal is to improve the personal and professional outcomes, leading to wholeness, career advancement, and better relationships. Bryan’s TEDx Talk, ‘Leaders Are Born To Be Made’, gives practical wisdom about how to make leaders out of all people, and to coordinate and collaborate with others to get work done and create value.
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Dr. Bryan Deptula

Her motto is to live and work authentically and strive every day to lead by example. Above all, Marissa has made it her mission in life to make a positive impact in the lives of those around her by developing programs to guide individuals down a journey of Strength, Hope, and Self-love.

Marissa Consalo

Marissa Consalo is the Director of Wellness Experiences. She is a University of Delaware graduate, with a Degree in Hospitality Business Management. Marissa deeply values personal development, diversity, hard work, and living mindfully. Alongside her ample experience in customer service, Marissa enjoys traveling, reading, meditating, and spending time with her family.
Athena Allread is the co-owner of Lanakai Wellness. Athena has completed The Medicine Womans Core Shamanic Training, Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth Training, training with Dr Brian Weiss in Past Life Therapy Regression and amongst her favorites.
Athena uses her gifts and light hearted approach to working with Spirit to assist others in physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Athena Allread

Perfect for individuals looking for the ultimate self care getaway. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to learn and practice the techniques that will connect with your innate balance, and help you to become your best self.

Timothy Rennick

Timothy Rennick is a master yogi with extensive yoga and meditation training. His travels through Asia, and countless yoga retreats empower Tim with the gift of sharing his practice with others.
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