Retreats Methods and Philosophy

Canalside Inn retreats are inspired by the most advanced teaching and mentoring methods known to man throughout history. We emphasize methods that focus on re-building the human spirit through the interconnectedness of the personal, professional, physical, and spiritual self. 

Our teaching philosophy retreats is to help every person realize their true nature by guiding them down a path of continued well-being and personal growth. 


We see self-discovery as incredibly vital to who we are. When broken down, it can be put very simply; People need to discover the deep truth in who they are before they can begin their journey towards wholeness, and leadership, and balance in their life. It is imperative that individuals do the work to discover their past, realize what makes them the person they are today, and understand their history doesn’t have to be the same as their future. Self-discovery helps us be mindful of what we have been through so far in life, and it helps us realize what has caused us to be who we are. 


During our retreats, we focus heavily on healing from the inside out. We want our guests to dig deep and realize what has been holding the back in life, and prepare to heal themselves and let these things go. We focus on any problems or hardships our guests have been going through, and heal them through teaching forgiveness, and practicing techniques such as meditation, yoga, mentoring, massage therapy, and more. We believe once one can heal themselves, they can break free from their negative habits, and begin living as their most authentic selves.


Our enrichment experiences include workshops, motivational talks, education sessions headed by Dr. Bryan Deptula and other subject matter experts. These experiences are interactive and promote networking, learning, personal growth, and advice on how to live your best life.


One of our main goals is to generate sustained well-being for our guests. This means, when guests leave their retreat, the experience doesn’t stop there. We want our retreat to be what gets guests jumpstarted on their journey to wholeness, and provide the tools to practice these behaviors for the rest of their lives. Our goal of teaching sustained well-being ensures guests leave with a deep understanding on how to have a positive experience with their physical and mental health, overall life satisfaction, an increased sense of purpose, better ability to manage stress, and stronger happiness overall.


The practice of self-fulfillment is highly researched and can be traced back to ancient Greek Philosophers. Our team believes deeply in the importance of our guests discovering and fulfilling their purpose and deepest desires in life. We will work with you one on one to ensure our guests leave our retreat understating how to live a life that is truly worthwhile to them.


One of our most important mottos is “One must first lead themselves before they can lead others.” Once an individual is conscious and in control of their own thoughts and behaviors they are able to achieve their personal goals and go on to lead others. At the Canalside Inn, our team of leaders is ready to teach you how to lead yourself, so you leave as the best leader you could possibly be.


Wholeness is an individual’s deep connection between their being and that of the universe. We believe all people are an extension of creation. Wholeness focuses on the connection of the mind, body, and spirit and represents true balance in nature.


At the Canalside inn, we pride ourselves on being our most authentic and transparent selves at all times. We keep our goals, actions, and values on the forefront of everything we do. We do this to ensure we set an example for our guests to become their best and truest selves during our retreats.

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