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Dr. Bryan Deptula
Dr. Bryan Deptula

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Canalside inn Party Bus

With The Canalside Inn offering a party bus for events like weddings and bachelor parties, guests have been wondering… Is it legal  to drink while on board the bus? 

The Transportation Equity Act – 21 (TEA-21)  exclusively prohibits open containers and consumption of alcohol in motor vehicles. However, there has been no federal law that prohibits passengers from drinking any type of alcoholic beverage on various types of buses that are operating for a business purpose. Although there may be state and municipal laws that may not allow for guests to be drinking on buses, so it is crucial that you are aware of local laws. Companies may also have their own rules regarding alcohol on buses despite state laws, so it is also important to check with them on their policies prior to your event. 

Here are some tips you can follow if your bus company does allow alcohol on board: 

  • Check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you’re permitted to have alcohol on buses in your state 
  • Ask your specific bus company for their policies regarding the type alcohol and amount allowed 
  • Drink responsibly and make sure to keep an eye on the underaged guests 
  • Bring a valid ID that proves you’re of drinking age. 
  • Be respectful to others and your driver by controlling your volume, to ensure a safe trip with limited disruptions 
  • Do not bring glass bottles in case of shattered glass 
  • Don’t forget other essential items to bring like water to keep everyone in the party hydrated while drinking 
  • Have fun!  

The state of Delaware does allow for the consumption of alcohol on party buses, so The Canalside Inn does allow for guests to have open containers on board the bus! We just want to make sure everyone is safe and having a fun time on board. The Canalside Inn’s party bus allows for transportation up to 22 passengers for any type of event featuring a professional chauffeur! 

The party bus is the perfect way to upgrade your experience  for weddings, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, and corporate retreats. Some of our favorite activities around Rehoboth we would suggest you bring your group to is  night out on the town  or even to a venue for golf trips!  No matter what the occasion, The Canalside Inn can work with you and your group in order to curate the perfect itinerary for your event. The Canalside Inn is also pet friendly  and offers dog walking packages so you are able to bring your beloved pet while not having to worry about being tied down to your room.  

Visit our website today for more information regarding our events and party bus!  


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