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1) Prepare for your trip 


Whether this is Fido’s first trip or hundredth trip, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before traveling with your dog. Schedule a check-up at your local vet before your departure and program the phone number of an emergency vet from your destination into your speed dial. Rehoboth Beach’s local emergency vet’s information can be found here.  

If this is the first road trip you and your pup are taking together, try out smaller trips to help him get adjusted. And of course, don’t forget dog tags, vaccination records, and a leash! 

2) Anticipate your pup’s needs 


Just like us, dogs need frequent stops to stretch their legs. recommends planning a 15-30 min bathroom break every 2-4 hours. With this information in mind, plan your route ahead of time, locating possible stops along the way.  

Bring plenty of water, food, and medications. While water should be available as much as possible, traveling with a full stomach can make your furry friend car sick.  

3) Get comfortable 


Car rides can get boring very fast! Keep your dog entertained with a few (non-squeaky!) toys. If you’re also traveling with kids, teaching them about respecting your dog’s personal space can make for an even smoother ride.  

Speaking of personal space, your dog will appreciate a dedicated and comfortable space to help unwind from the stressful situation that a long car ride can be. If you choose to use a crate, make sure it’s big enough for your dog to stand up, spin, and lie back.   If you choose to keep your pup in the backseat, consider using a doggy seat belt. 

Don’t forget to keep everyone entertained once you arrive, too; check out the exciting upgrades Canalside Inn has to offer for the whole family- including pets! 


4) Relax and have fun! 


Using positive reinforcement will help to ease your dog’s travel anxiety and thus, help ease yours, as well. Remember, this is your vacation, and you deserve to sit back and take it easy! Book a room at Canalside Inn and see how easy travelling with a dog is supposed to be. 

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