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Custom Corporate Retreats​

Develop A High Impact Leadership Team! Do Your Strategy Session!


Our goal for each retreat is your personal and corporate transformation.


Our training and development leader, Dr. Bryan J. Deptula, offers high impact keynotes and workshops to create amazing retreat experiences that motivate your entire team.


Rehoboth has a way of inspiring people and changing their perspectives to think creatively, critically, and strategically; just what you need for your business retreat that includes beach walks and outdoor excursions.  Business retreats focus on high-level strategy and energizing leadership.


Canalside Inn has designed an extraordinary retreat experience that combines “white-space time” in a relaxed setting, lots of outdoor time, guided meditation for self-exploration and reflection, informal roundtable gatherings, etc.—all to inspire a more innovative and transformational leadership style.


Take high-level thinkers out of their busy day-to-day schedules to our intimate boutique hotel setting that inspires organic networking and bonding opportunities. The Canalside Inn meeting room includes wireless technology, and space for break-out sessions to empower effective brainstorming, solutions, and collaboration.

Planning a retreat is a breeze with the help of Canalside Inn event planning staff. Our intimate space allows execs to relax, breakdown social and professional barriers, and gather in a variety of ways in and around the property. 

We start by listening to your retreat objectives, creating the ‘feel’ you desire, and coordinating social and team-based activities in Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Cape Henelopen State Park, and Historic Lewes for bonding required to build a stronger corporate culture.


Watch Dr. Bryan Deptula's TED Talk

We offer amazing overnight accommodations, a conference space for up to 50 attendees, high speed wireless internet, all hotel amenities, and coffee.


You facilitate your meeting using Canalside Inn as your very own corporate retreat conference center!


You set your agenda, and we provide 650 square feet of conference space, wireless technology, and space for break-out sessions, Canalside Inn gives you the workspace to focus on your business goals! This retreat option would not be facilitated by our team.