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5 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance

work-life balance
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Maintaining a work-life balance is key to lasting job satisfaction, improved productivity, and better general health of employees. As working from home became increasingly common post -COVID-19, the boundary lines between work and home have become increasingly more blurred. Therefore it is important to reflect on ways to maintain a healthy balance for the betterment of ourselves, our relationships with others, and the betterment of our company. 

Setting boundaries in the workplace

Setting boundaries creates limits or rules on what behaviors you deem acceptable and respectful that you expect others to follow. For example: setting your available working hours and sticking to them, taking your sick days when you need them, and taking advantage of your vacation days. Canalside Inn is the perfect vacation getaway from the stress of work. Being steadfast in communicating and holding to the boundaries you set for others at work can help ensure your work-life balance is maintained.  

Taking Small Breaks

A way to increase productivity and decrease stress and fatigue is to take small breaks incrementally throughout the work day. According to the University of North Carolina, the type of activity completed during a break impacts its effectiveness. Scrolling on social media, responding to emails, or browsing the internet will not produce as great results as moving your body, socializing with coworkers, or taking a moment to recenter through meditation or other calming activities. Sometimes we need to take a bigger step back and take part in relaxing activities outside of work. Consider a massage or trip to the beach for beautiful calming views. 

The pressure to reply to emails at all hours can loom over your personal time off the clock. Setting and communicating your personal boundaries on when you will or will not be available to be reached is vital for work-life balance. To assist you in doing this, consider setting up an auto response to emails received in your out of office time so as to not feel pressured to respond until you are back in office. 

Let Go of Perfectionism

Having self-compassion and shifting your mindset from seeking perfection to excellence is a step towards a less stressful work-life. At a young age many school children are conditioned to strive for perfection, however as responsibilities grow exponentially and personal lives complicate it’s impossible to expect perfection from yourself as you did in your childhood.  

Block Out your Schedule

A visual representation of what responsibilities fill your time and how much time you allocate to each can help a busy schedule feel less overwhelming. Having a plan on how you divide your time. As Emily Ballesteros, a burnout management coach, says, “This type of time management can help contain your work to separate times of the day so you are not constantly jumping between work mode, parent mode and life mode.” Remember to also block time out for yourself and to spend time with your loved ones and furry friends.  

Work-life balance is the key to a fulfilling and productive career. Canalside Inn is here to be the perfect place to “work from home” or act as your home-away-from-home when you need a break. We hope to see you soon!  

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