5 Ways Hotels Can Be Positive and Stay Negative in 2021

Dr. Bryan Deptula
Dr. Bryan Deptula

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by: Samantha Nebel-Crosson

As we close out 1 year and 6 months of facing the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, businesses and hotels are working tirelessly to get their operations back up and running. With the COVID-19 vaccine freely available and restrictions lifting, a sense of normalcy is slowly making its way back into the lives of many Americans.


While the hospitality industry was hit hard by the impacts of the pandemic, many businesses are giving their best effort to be positive & stay negative by implementing various strategies to resume business while keeping guests and staff safe. Below are 5 ways a hotel can be positive & stay negative!

1. Contactless Hospitality

This may sound scary, considering hospitality is all about that person-to-person interaction. However, in the midst of a pandemic, contactless modes of hospitality have had their benefits! Limiting contact between staff and guests undoubtedly cuts down the chance for pathogens to spread, therefore, creating a safer and healthier experience for all parties involved. In addition to the benefits to health, contactless hospitality also allows the opportunity for increased efficiency through technological advancement — deeming your business modern, innovative, and adaptable.

Some ways Canalside Inn is enacting contactless hospitality is through online check-in & check-out, “leave it at your door delivery service,” Whistle text message automation for simple and effective guest communication, and grab & go coffee and tea.

Canalside Inn Be positive and stay negative masks with logo

2. Social Distancing Outdoor Furniture

Per CDC guidelines, when unmasked we are advised to practice social distancing. Allowing 3 feet of space between outdoor furniture is a happy medium for staff, visitors, and guests. It is compliant with safety guidelines while still allowing guests and visitors to enjoy any outdoor amenities without a mask.

At Canalside Inn we have a newly expanded outdoor space featuring dining tables, chairs, fire pits, and more! 

Canalside Inn Be positive and stay negative Social distancing

3. Housekeeping

Some businesses have hiked up their housekeeping and have double-downed on consistent room cleaning during guest stays. Despite this newly innate habit to deep-clean constantly as a result of the pandemic, we have adopted a different approach that keeps our staff and our guests safe. Along with switching to all-natural and non-toxic cleaning products such as Branch Basics, our housekeeping staff’s routine has been altered to avoid close contact with guests.

For us, this means staff are no longer entering a guest’s room during their stay and instead will thoroughly perform their duties upon guest departure. With the availability of our online messaging service, our guests are not being denied assistance nor any services – we have simply enacted this as a safeguard for all who enter our premises. Additionally, we require that staff wear a mask at all times for better protection. By cutting down on this contact, we are minimizing exposure that could lead to infection.

4. Masks Indoors

Let’s be transparent, no one particularly likes wearing a mask. Although, we have to recognize that this is a vital safety measure in keeping all of us safe by stopping, or at least slowing, the spread of COVID-19 in various settings. 


Ultimately, we’d like to view masks indoors as a way for people to continue having great experiences with less risk. Think of it as a friendly compromise between normalcy and being completely shut down.

Canalside Inn Be positive and stay negative mask logo photo

5. Proof of Vaccination

This may seem controversial, yet we believe that this is an essential step in protecting ourselves from the virus and this could be a viable option for you and your business as well. A number of hotels have already led the way in mandating the vaccine for guests and staff. Along with Canalside Inn, some of these hotels include Equinox Hotel and Wythe Hotel in New York City and Pilgrim House in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

While times are ever-changing and new innovations are arising each day, these are just a few ways in which businesses and hotels can Be Positive & Stay Negative. There is hope, and we feel that these practices exemplify that hope for us. Implementing these methods in your operations promote a healthier way to get your business back into the swing of things!


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