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Discover Rehoboth Beach Restaurants 6 Favorite Dishes to Eat

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Local Rehoboth Beach Restaurants Boast the Best Dishes Along the Delaware Coast

Rehoboth Beach is just one of the several amazing towns along the Southern Delaware coast, and if there’s one thing other than our picturesque beaches that attract crowds of people, it’s the mouthwatering, incomparable food from our local restaurants. Covering every imaginable meal in a day, and every cuisine; you name it Rehoboth Beach has it. It is impossible for us to cover every one of our favorite eateries or dishes, but if you have only a short time here with us, we can definitely point out the ones you CANNOT miss. 

This list is by no means comprehensive, and we encourage all of our guests to explore all the amazing, local offerings in town! From the countless breweries to the hottest new restaurants, it’s hard to have a bad meal in Rehoboth. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Rehoboth Beach will be busier than ever, and there are already countless new restaurants and bars popping up in the surrounding areas.  

Breakfast in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Restaurant Dish Breakfast

To start off your day with a delicious, filling, nutritious breakfast we recommend that you head over to Egg or Surf Bagel Restaurant. Egg is a small brunch spot and one of our absolute favorite eateries in town. 

Stuff yourself with every breakfast dish imaginable, but you definitely should order the candied bacon or the eggs benedict. There is something for everyone on the menu, and you can enjoy the delicious food on their outdoor garden patio! Egg is located less than a quarter-mile from the pet-friendly luxury boutique hotel, the Canalside Inn

If you are like us, nothing hits the spot like a class, New York style bagel on an early morning! Surf Bagel has every bagel flavor imaginable and countless toppings.  Everyone can fill their heart’s desire here! Our personal favorite is the classic bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel!

All breakfast restaurants in Rehoboth Beach are always bustling in the morning, so be sure to head to these locations before the crowd! 

Snacks and Lunch in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Restaurant Dish Snacks

Of course, we MUSt mention the iconic Thrasher’s fries- everyone’s favorite beach snack! While their menu is essentially just french fries, they absolutely cannot be missed! Order either a small, medium, or large and then hurry to claim your spot on our beautiful beaches! With multiple locations, it’s almost too easy to go back up for a second order of these finger-licking good treats. 

Another favorite restaurant of ours in Rehoboth has to be Minh’s Bistro, which is an outstanding Vietnamese restaurant that offers the most authentic and scrumptious dishes. The essentials on the menu include the spring rolls and anything from their Pho menu! Minh’s has plenty of vegetarian options and offers generous discounts to veterans and military members! It is truly a gem in Rehoboth! 

Dinner in Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach Restaurant Dish Dinner

If you are looking to live your Parisian fantasy, look no further than the mouthwatering Fable restaurant. With a classic French feel and authentic dishes, Fable is the perfect place for an intimate, classy dining experience. We are fans of the delicious cheese and charcuterie options, and for the main course, there is nothing more delicious than the duck confit. 

A newer addition to the Rehoboth Restaurant family, Fork + Flask is the perfect place for a vibrant, fresh meal. With a superb happy hour menu, shareable plates, and an emphasis on social gatherings, Fork + Flask is the perfect spot to meet up with friends and family. We highly recommend the Nashville chicken sandwich and the crab cakes! If you’re up for a drink, you must try the cucumber gimlet! 

Wherever you end up when it’s mealtime, we know it will be an incredible experience, but before you plan your meals, remember to book your room at Canalside Inn!

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