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8 Ways to Travel with your Dog Smoothly

Sky the innkeeper at Canalside Inn
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1. Be Sure to Stay at a Pet Friendly Property!

Sky the innkeeper at Canalside Inn

When making travel arrangements, be sure to make sure dogs are allowed to stay with you! Our recommendation is The Canalside Inn, this property has won the award for best pet friendly hotel by Best of Delaware for the past three years. They have many pet friendly amenities like welcome treat bags and can provide water & food bowls, while avoiding the hefty pet fees from other hotels. They also offer dog walking packages that allow you not to be tied down to your room during your stay. This makes it possible to relax on your vacation without having to worry about the wellbeing of your pet.  

2. Update your Dog’s Microchip Information

This is crucial before traveling to ensure that if your dog gets loose they will be able to be returned to you by having the correct information like phone number programmed into the chip. And if your dog is not microchipped, it is a good idea to look into it before traveling to provide an extra layer of protection. Some of the pros to microchipping your dog include never needing to change/replace your microchip and safety of your personal information.  

3. Update Collar Tag Information

This goes in hand with my last tip, but keep the relevant up to date information on your dog’s collar, if you have an escape artist on your hands. This is essential because it is the first thing people are going to look at if they find your dog. You might even want to update your collar as well if it has experienced wear and tear over the years, here is a link where you can purchase our favorite dog collars, harnesses, and leashes!  

4. Create a Safe Sanctuary in your Hotel Room

Load up on treats and make sure to take your dog(s) on early bathroom breaks and walks prior to fireworks. Fireworks can cause immense stress on your dog, providing a comfortable environment in your hotel room while traveling will make your dog(s) feel at ease.  

5. Watch the Temperature

With rising temperatures in the summer months, and in hotter climates, it is important to acknowledge that your dog can be exposed to extremely hot temperatures on pavement or concrete. Before taking your dog on a walk be sure to test if the pavement is too hot for your dog to safely walk by placing the back of your hand on the pavement for a few seconds. Some other tips for walking your dog in the summer include walking them in the early morning or late evening and bringing water for water breaks 

6. Consult with your Vet about CBD Oil

CBD Oil has many benefits for your dog that include easing anxiety while traveling. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian who has experience in the process of obtaining and administering CBD oil to your dog. This is due to the fact that there aren’t many studies done on animals and CBD oils to date, so make sure to be safe.  

7. Check for Ticks

Dogs are prone to having ticks attached to them, especially when walking through Gordon’s Pond at Cape Henlopen State Park. Once you get home from your adventures in nature, be sure to fully examine your dogs for these little critters in order to prevent the contraction of Lymes disease. Here is some more information about what steps you should take if you find a tick on your dog.  

8. Secure your Pet in your Room

This may mean closing the windows, drawing the curtains, providing their favorite comforting toys, and playing soft music/turning on the television in your hotel room to put your dog at ease to drown out unfamiliar sounds. This is for instances when you and your family want to leave your pup in the room to perhaps spend a night out on the town or go out to eat. However, if you wish to bring your dog along here is a list of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in Sussex County Delaware!   

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