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Bike with Fido: 12 Tips for a Successful Ride at the Delaware Beaches

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Plan your ride ahead of time

Delaware Beaches Bike map

When going on a bike ride, it is important to map out the route you plan on taking before you take off. This is to ensure you stay on track and don’t get lost, since it can be hard to find your way back.

Here is a link to a map of all the different bike trails in the Delaware Beaches area.

Check your bikes before starting ride

It is crucial that all your bikes going on the ride are in top condition. This means checking the brakes, adjusting the seat, and making sure handlebars are secure to assure your bike will make it with no issues during your ride.


Did you know The Canalside Inn offers complimentary bikes for guests during their stay? These bikes are a new addition to the Inn so you and your riders can ride in faith! 

Canalside Inn bikes

Know the rules of the road

If you plan on riding on main roads, be sure to educate yourself on the proper precautions to take when sharing the road with other riders & drivers. This especially is tips from the state of Delaware regarding sharing the road among bike riders and cars. 

Wear appropriate clothing

When it comes to biking, you want to make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing so you can be comfortable during the ride. This means, check the weather prior to riding so it can give you guidance on what to wear. Also, when riding at night be sure to wear bright colored clothing so that others can spot you on the road. Here is a link to grab some clothing for your ride from our Swag Shop!  

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Bring all proper equipment

Bringing the proper gear such as a helmet and other protective garments as well as bike locks are key to ensuring a safe ride all the way through.  

Extra Necessities

These extra necessities are anything you need to feel secure on your ride! Bringing water and snacks are definitely recommended in order to keep your energy levels high. One of our favorite snacks is Seattle Chocolate Bars for a mid ride pick me up!  

Make time for stops along the way

When riding, especially for long distances, it is important to incorporate break times or stops along the way to relax. Looking for a bite to eat during this time? Here is a list of our 5 Breakfast & Brunch Spots In Rehoboth Beach Delaware!  

Change gears

It is important to change gears while riding to make sure you have the smoothest ride possible when riding through terrain. Here is the ultimate guide for shifting gears to educate you on when and where it is appropriate to be shifting gears.  

Beware of your surroundings

Being aware of your surroundings is crucial when riding, this means looking out for potholes or animals that can alter your path. This is to avoid falling off the bike due to obstacles that you may not expect. Here is a blog going further into situational awareness when riding with tips on how to stay the safest!  

Change positions while riding

To keep your body moving it is important to adjust your position on the bike in order to feel the most comfortable while also setting yourself up for momentum to make your ride easier. It is not good to stay in one position during your whole ride, here is a list of tips for ultimate body positions while riding!  

Ride with friends!

Although riding alone can be relaxing and peaceful, it is always a good idea to bring friends or family along on your ride for both safety and enjoyment! It is a good way to expose yourself to fresh air and exercise during the summer time! 

Canalside Inn Bike with friends

Take time to relax!

Once your ride is over, it is time to unwind! Our favorite place to relax is through an in room massage at Canalside Inn! This is where a licensed massage therapist will come to your room and relieve all your tensions from your ride.  

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