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Senior Dog Friendly Road trips
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With spring on the horizon, you might be thinking about taking a road trip. Most senior dogs adore going for car rides. All the more reason that even if your dog is older, there is no need to leave them behind. You can have a safe and successful senior dog-friendly road vacation with a little forethought and the correct supplies. 


Plan Ahead While Making Your Reservation.  

When you have one or more elderly pets in attendance, finding unexpected hotel rooms isn’t always an option. Plan ahead of time where you’ll stay such as phoning ahead and double-checking that a hotel is pet-friendly. Your vacation will be much more stress-free as a result of this.

Remember When Getting In and Out of the Vehicle. 

 It’s fairly normal for older dogs to have a harder time with moving and getting them into and out of a car or truck on their own. It’s possible that attempting to jump down will result in significant injury. A dog ramp can make it easier for dogs to enter and depart vehicles safely without having to be picked up. 

If Your Dog is a Jumper, Consider Buying A Car Barrier 

Car barriers for dogs prevent them from poking their heads up in the front seat or climbing from front to back. The barrier is easy to set up and can keep your dog from blocking your field of view or disturbing you during car travels, especially if it becomes agitated and refuses to sit still. While there are other options for dog automobile safety, such as crates, carriers, and dog safety harnesses, it’s critical to do your research before buying because several restraints on the market have been discovered to cause more harm than good. Only choose crash-tested, safety-certified goods, according to experts, and make sure your dog has adequate area to sit and lie down.  

Take Numerous Breaks  

Even if you are capable of driving for lengthy periods of time, you should not do it when traveling with your dogs. Every two to three hours, take a break to use the restroom, move about, and change the atmosphere. Not only will this protect you, but this will make dogs feel more at ease and prevent them from being agitated 

Vacations and road trips with your senior dogs don’t have to be nearly as stressful and hopefully, by following these tips, your dog will as comfortable and secure as possible. For more great tips on caring for your dogs, visit



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