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How the Hospitality Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

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By: Jessie Barron

Traveling used to be all about rest and relaxation, but travelers are now incorporating responsibility into the mix. A survey by Kind Traveler revealed that 98% of respondents stated that it’s important that their travel money will make a positive impact in the places they visit. In fact, about half of these travelers admitted that they want sustainable and socially conscious accommodation.


This sentiment resonates stronger among millennial travelers because they spend the most time outdoors. This age group loves to go to beaches and explore local hiking trails to get a breath of fresh air, which is why eco-friendly travel options matter to them.

The times have truly changed, which is why the hospitality industry is slowly accommodating the eco-friendly preferences of travelers. Friendly neighborhood inns and big-time hotels are practicing sustainability through the following efforts:

Introduction of sustainability experts in hospitality

Sustainability can’t be achieved in a snap, which is why Ioannis Pantelidis of Brighton Doctoral College emphasizes that the first component in these changes must always be talented people. With the help of in-house experts, hospitality businesses can plan and achieve their decarbonization, water, and biodiversity efforts.


The hospitality industry is following in the footsteps of businesses that are now hiring experts with sustainability credentials. In fact, some companies are even going as far as offering a degree in sustainability to their employees due to how important this field has become globally. This is because a higher education sustainability course is able to equip graduates with sought-after skills in environmental science, business, and policy. With hospitality businesses hiring more qualified sustainability graduates, this signals a clear shift in intention across the industry.


Integration of eco-friendly technologies

Having in-house sustainability experts is a huge advantage because they can recommend eco-friendly solutions for a business’s needs. Through their expertise, hotels, restaurants, and other enterprises can find technologies that can boost the efficiency of businesses in their operational and sustainability efforts.


For instance, the Canalside Inn is one of the many hotels that have already bid goodbye to keycard systems for checking in and out due to their plastic material. Instead, hospitality businesses are trying to become more sustainable and cost-effective by doing contactless check-ins through smartphone apps. Some hotels are also going all out with their sustainability efforts by using automation and AI tools that can switch off electricity and water when guests do not use them


Provision of eco-friendly amenities for guests

Apart from using eco-friendly technology, hospitality businesses can also provide sustainable amenities for customers. These amenities make it easy for guests to have fun without worrying about their environmental impact.


If you’re a guest at the Canalside Inn, you can make use of sustainable amenities, such as free bicycle usage. This ensures that you won’t leave any carbon footprints as you explore the Junction and Breakwater Trail or the nearby Rehoboth Beach. But if you’re traveling as a group, Canalside Inn also offers a party bus that can accommodate 26 people. This party bus limits the carbon footprint of your entire group while ensuring that you and your loved ones will have a blast touring around Rehoboth Beach.


Organization of recycling efforts in the industry

Admittedly, the hospitality industry produces lots of waste each year. However, businesses are making things right by implementing recycling programs in their facilities.


Award-winning Italian restaurant Osteria Mozza complies with the California food waste law by consulting a zero-waste advisor called Foodprint Group. The restaurant was able to reduce its carbon footprint by composting pre-consumer food waste and recycling food ingredients like grease. Likewise, Rise Up Coffee Roasters, a café near the Canalside Inn, creates delicious artisanal coffee without compromising its environmental commitment. Rise Up Coffee Roasters uses fair trade-certified coffee beans while using 100% recyclable and compostable materials to ensure that their drinks are good for you and the planet.


Restaurants, hotels, and other enterprises are making big changes to ensure that you, the business, and the planet benefits from the experience. So if you want to support a sustainable business, book a stay with us at the Canalside Inn. Our eco-friendly amenities ensure that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your environmental impact.


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