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Dr. Bryan Deptula
Dr. Bryan Deptula

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We want to welcome Marissa Consalo to our team. We hired Marissa as our BKD Intern during the pandemic. She has been working remotely and officially an employee beginning in September 2020.

Marissa is the Director of Wellness and Retreats.

Our wellness & Retreats will launch in April 2021.

Her favorite aspect of her internship was, “Building a concept from nothing and having it potentially become real is rewarding beyond belief,” Consalo says. We are thrilled to have you working with us!

When one door closes, a better one opens

Senior hospitality business major Marissa Consalo wasn’t thinking about pursuing new opportunities this summer; she planned on returning to her job as usual. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“On March 17, I was unfortunately laid off from my previous job,” Consalo says. “Prior to being laid off, I wasn’t even looking for a summer internship because my job was pretty stable. But as we know now, almost nothing is stable in 2020.”

Consalo says she spent weeks planning her next move while watching the unemployment rate rise in the U.S. until she finally found something of interest. “One day in May, I received a message from [Alfred Lerner College business administrator] Donna Laws about an internship opportunity with BKD Leaders,” she says. “I was immediately drawn to it.”

Once she applied and continued through a multi-step interview process, Consalo was offered a business development internship and began working remotely with BKD by the end of May.

Initially, Consalo’s daily duties included creating content, managing social media platforms, and building the BKD audience while communicating with the team via Microsoft Teams. But over the summer, her position evolved, and she was trusted with more responsibilities. “I moved on to researching and contacting possible conferences and speaking engagements for my boss, Dr. Bryan Deptula,” she says.

Read More about her here!



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