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Retreat with us at Canalside Inn & Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

March 19th, 2021

The Canalside Inn, located in Rehoboth BeachDelaware offers exceptional service beyond just our hotel stays. It’s time for a Retreat!

At Canalside Inn our team facilitates unique retreat experiences from September- May. Healthypeople.gov states that mental well-being includes being satisfied with one’s life; balancing positive and negative emotions; accepting one’s self; finding purpose and meaning in one’s life… Physical well-being “relates to vigor and vitality, feeling very healthy and full of energy.” Our retreats allow busy, preoccupied people to set aside time and energy solely towards attaining just that. It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into healing, strengthening the mind, body, and soul, and building a greater sense of connection and belonging. 

Group Of Mature Men And Women In Class At Outdoor Yoga Retreat Canalside Inn

Group Of  People In Class At Outdoor Canalside Inn’s Retreat

According to USA Today, 55 percent of Americans don’t use all their vacation days, 41 percent of American workers failed to take a single vacation day in 2015, and American’s get the fewest paid leave days in the developed worldThis reinforces that many of us need the tools to instill better balance into our lives. Whether you’re in the workforce or not, balance is vital in all aspects of any person’s life.

happy couple on honeymoon vacation travel, Canalside Inn Couples Retreat

Happy couple on Canalside Inn’s Couples Retreat


Our Balanced Well-Being Retreat is the ultimate self-care getaway. We will help guide you in living a lifestyle that helps restore balance and reduce stress. Through mindfulness, meditation, and proactivity we will help you build the foundation for healthy practices to cope with different stressors in your life.   well-being retreat is a worthy investment in your health, both mentally and physically. Our retreats provide the opportunity to nourish your body through healthy meals, nature, activities, workshops, and reflection that promote personal growth, reduced stress, better sleep, and the adoption of holistic practices that you can further implement into your lives. Each offers a safe space for solitude that you can only have with our team of aficionados. Let our retreat leaders guide you to live the life you were always destined to live. 

Enjoy a much-needed rendezvous with your significant other at our Couples Retreat. Whether you’re married or just beginning your journey together, this retreat will reinforce the closeness, romance, and joy that should be abundant in any healthy relationship. We will provide the tools and knowledge for you to create and maintain healthy habits while creating new traditions. Our Retreat Leaders will assist couples in overcoming their present challenges. This retreat aims to give couples a relaxing and educating five days. Through quality time together, well-orchestrated workshops, and guidance from our team of experts, this getaway will be an indispensable experience and investment towards your relationships. This is an opportunity to progress your relationships and spend uninterrupted time with that special someone down in Rehoboth.

Young people in Tracht, Dindl and Lederhosen having fun at Canalside Inn Craft Beer and Breweries Retreat

Young people in Tracht, Dirndl and Lederhosen having fun at Canalside Inn’s Craft Beer and Breweries Retreat.

For a fun-filled, more indulgent weekend, join us for the Craft Beer and Breweries Retreat Explore the Delaware Beaches’ finest breweries with great company.  If live music, beer tasting, and fun prizes are your forte then you’re in luck! You’ll be meeting master brewers and learning about their craft. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and lively long weekend, you won’t want to miss this one in Rehoboth Beach. 

The Custome Corporate Retreat is perfect for those looking to focus on their career goals and improving their leadership skills in the context of a work environment. You’ll leave our Rehoboth Beach facility having improved your morale, your team-work skills, and your productivity. Learn how to create synergy in the workplace by igniting your passion and inspiring others to do the same. The HuffPost shares that a team retreat may even bring about your hidden talents from indulging “in tasks that…don’t happen in the normal office environment.”  At Canalside Inn, we will act as your perfect office retreat destination.