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Canalside Inn is Taking Steps in the Right Direction

On February 22nd, 4:52 PM, Jaryd Leady from WRDE reported on the Businesses React to Latest Changes on Gatherings in Southern Delaware. The Canalside Inn shared their thoughts on the future spring and summer seasons, and the impact COVID will have on larger gatherings.  

Click here to watch our interview with WRDE! 

As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches its one-year anniversary, the whole world is holding its breath in hopes of a more “normal” summer and end of 2021. With vaccines on the horizon and an impending peak season, Canalside Inn’s co-owners had the opportunity to sit down with WRDE and share some of their thoughts as small business owners, and how they plan to have the most enjoyable and successful summer possible.  

Dr. Bryan Deptula, Co-Owner, Canalside Inn said, “We want them to say, look at 50 people you’re safe and we can start opening up, because it’s not just us as owners feeling safe, it’s guests and clients coming in saying– we feel safe gathering in a space that is confined and is indoors.” In the meantime, the Inn has made improvements to allow more outdoor space for its guests when it gets busier as the weather continues to warm, and we look to be able to host weddingsevents, and more in the future. 

The Canalside Inn has been buying more patio furniture and is adding to their outdoor space once they finish more renovations. For the owners, it’s all about following the rules and making sure the guests feel as safe as possible. Kristen Deptula, Co-Owner, Canalside Inn added, “You’re not going to be feeling overwhelmed and wonder, how many people are staying here? Do I have to sit somewhere else? You’re going to be able to sit in your own space and feel comfortable.” 

So, while the increases are a step in the right direction for the state, some places either don’t have the extra space to implement it, or they’re waiting for the right time to do it. Governor Carney has kept the limit on outdoor gatherings at 50 people, and private indoor gatherings, such as house parties, are still limited to 10 people as well. This will without a doubt affect Rehoboth Beach Hotels’ plans for the Spring 2021 season. 

The pandemic has been difficult for all small businesses, and Canalside Inn was lucky enough to receive a smallbusiness grant through Delaware‘s COVID-19 relief programs. We have been able to continue providing premiere, and COVID safe, experiences for all our customers, and with the financial support, we have been able to expand our outdoor seating and recreation areas for all to enjoy in the years to come. 

Nevertheless, the Canalside Inn is excited to be planning and hosting numerous, COVID-19 safe events and attractions during the rest of 2021. Starting in May, Canalside is excited to be hosting a regular, weekend “Yappy Hour” where you can come and enjoy our outdoor seating area with friends, family, and new faces! Canalside’s first major event will be a Mother’s Day Art Walk event, featuring local artists and businesses. 

Later in the year, things really begin to take off, and Canalside Inn is excited to host their first-ever Oktoberfest Event! Over three consecutive weekends, starting Saturday, September 18th, Canalside Inn will be hosting a Biergarten event with local breweries, food vendors, and more! The Inn is excited to hopefully continue the event in the years to come as well! If you are a beer connoisseur, Canalside is also offering a special, 3-day, beer & brewery retreat, where you can explore and enjoy the breweries and their offerings in person AND at the Oktoberfest event.

As 2021 comes to a close, Canalside Inn will be hosting their second Howlween event: a dog-friendly gathering where both pets and owners alike are encouraged to dress up and show off their costumes! 

Canalside is excited to introduce several other special, inclusive retreats before the end of 2021! In late fall, Canalside will be offering a special, “Couples Retreat” for anyone looking to experience the Rehoboth Area with a loved one! With countless activities and treats for you and your partner, it will surely be a memory of a lifetime.  Lastly, a Balanced Well-Being Retreat for those looking to find inner peace and comfort!  

Here at Canalside Inn, we are committed to providing COVID-19 safe experiences without having to sacrifice comfort or fun! We have worked to expand our outdoor sitting and leisure spaces and are excited to welcome guests this spring and summer season in Rehoboth Beach!   

Click here to watch WRDE’s full story.   


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