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Carly Burns

Former Intern

Wedding Trends in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Beauty can be expressed so simply by allowing your heart to radiate love and hope.


Couples want an intimate wedding celebration. Couples who previously wanted extravagant and lavish weddings are re-evaluating how to bring their special day to life, in light of the obstacles generated by the pandemic.   


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Plan your Micro Wedding today

If you are one of the brides that booked your ultimate wedding before COVID-19 took the country by storm there’s a good chance plans were smooth sailing. Everything was probably falling into place, you, saw that day on the horizon, and you knew how perfect it was going to be. The thought of a “micro-wedding” didn’t even cross your mind…until the world turned upside down and your plans were put on halt.   

There was no guide telling us how to deal with this scary new territory, and for many couples that are navigating through these uncharted waters, disappointment, anxiety, and flusterment has completely overtaken the wonder and joy. Yet there is faith, there is optimism, and there is hope. It is time to cue the micro-wedding!

Rehoboth Beach is the Perfect Wedding Destination

For those who haven’t heard of “micro-wedding” you may be wondering, what exactly is it? It is an intimate celebration that contains no more than 50 guests, but with the pandemic, it is often 15 guests or fewer. You may be reading that with complete shock; for the many couples that idolize the phenomenon of a huge celebration that includes the long guest list and array of seamless components, a micro-wedding might not live up to expectations. However, as we enter this new era, many couples are seeing a flip in their perspective. With a micro-wedding, there is no more stress and tension regarding who to invite to the wedding anymore. The endless thoughts about who to propose invitations for are gone. You can focus on elevating the quality of certain elements you really love by reallocating your budget, and yes, splurge on the blooms in your bouquet! At the core, all you are left with is complete and utter love between two humans who want to spend the rest of their lives together.  

Make Memories last a lifetime

Happy couples not only looking to save money, but also time have been pursuing this trend before the pandemic even took its toll. This means that micro-weddings are all more important for those individuals who are intent on marriage during COVID-19, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is the right place to do it!  

Venues like the Canalside Inn in Rehoboth Beach, DE, excel at giving brides a wedding experience that focuses on the couples well-being. Our Inn also encourages guests to think about putting the extra money that would have been used for more guests into an extended experience that includes a couple or adventure retreat before the big day! Couples will have the option to book a retreat for themselves or the entire wedding party, creating a beautiful and rich experience for everyone. To ask for a quote on your micro-wedding, email [email protected].

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