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A family vacation is a great time to create memories, have fun, and experience new places. These memories are once in a lifetime, and last with you and your loved ones forever. However, one important family member is often left out- our dog(s)!  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to take your family dog on vacation? Or perhaps you want to go on a trip but can’t find a sitter for your four-legged friend? Maybe thinking about a great adventure with your best friend? If this sounds like you, Canalside Inn has you covered! Here are our top three reasons why your pooch should tag along for the fun.    


1) Experience Memories with the Whole Family    

Pets are part of your family, so why would you want them to stay at home by themselves? Avoid the sorry goodbye with your canine by bringing them with you on a pleasant vacation where they can be part of long-lasting memories with your family. If your best companion isn’t with you on the trip, it is guaranteed to be thinking about them during your holiday. Rather than worrying, bring them along and enjoy the vacation together!   


2) Save Money on Expensive Kennels and Boarding   


As dog owners, we know that boarding your furry friend can be expensive and sometimes stressful. More people are beginning to travel again which is causing an increase in demand for boarding and continuing to raise prices for those fees. This certainly can cause unnecessary stress which you are trying to avoid while trying to relax. Allowing your canine to accompany you will save you the burden of having to find a friend to pet sit with so you can enjoy all the free time that you deserve. At the pet-friendly Canalside Inn, we have the perfect solution for that! With our plethora of special pet amenities, for example, waste bags, bowls for food and water, and towels, you and your canine can commit to a cozy, enjoyable vacation without breaking the bank.    


3) Stay Active and Explore New Places    


Your pooch will thank you for all the new smells they get to experience, while simultaneously getting exercise in. Dogs are full of energy, so there is no chance you will be idle in your hotel room if they tag along! Moreover, you will get the chance to discover places you normally wouldn’t with the perfect adventure partner. In Rehoboth and around Canalside Inn, there are plenty of walking trails and beaches where you can take your four-legged friend to release some energy and take in the Delaware coast (One of our favorites is the Junction & Breakwater Trail!). Want to have a special night-in or dinner and can’t walk your dog? Canalside Inn offers dog walking with food and water refills and special photo updates of your pup! 

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