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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus in Rehoboth Beach

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Rent a Party Bus in Rehoboth Beach

Why wait when you can reserve your party bus rental now?  We also know that planning an event can be stressful, especially when trying to find transportation to move guests from point A to point B. Luckily, Canalside Inn has the perfect and easy solution to this logistical problem: our party bus! Here are our top five reasons to rent a party bus for your next party! 

No Need for a Designated Driver

Skip the conversation with your friends about who will drive when you can rent your own personal designated driver for the day! One of our team members at Canalside Inn will drive you on your special day so you don’t have to skip out on the fun. Being safe is a top priority for us, so you can be assured your event and transportation will be safe and enjoyable! 

You’ll Have a Worry-Free Experience

Through our website, you can purchase your party bus experience before your stay! Quick, simple, and easy you will have everything logistically figured out so you do not have to worry about transport on the day of your event. All you need to figure out is how much time you will book the bus for! 

Arrive on Time Together in a Party Bus

No one wants their guests to arrive at different times for their event. A party bus booked through Canalside Inn will help facilitate an on-time, stress-free arrival for all of your guests so that everyone can enjoy the fun. 

Continue the Party while you Party

You are able to extend the fun on the bus with all your guests because no one likes carpooling and waiting for a ride. Miss the wait times, and continue to have fun with your guests and ride in style! Our party bus can hold up to 26 passengers so everyone can experience the fun together with some great music to add that special flair to your next event. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Parking can be expensive and frustrating, such as running up the meter (Meter rates in Rehoboth Beach citywide are $3/hr) and finding spots for your cars. Ridesharing services can also charge hefty prices depending on your location. Ride in style, while also saving some money!

For more tips and information on our party bus, check out us at our blog and website! 

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